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So far so good but I hate weekends

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<p>Ok, so I'm doing okay so far.&nbsp; I'm starting slow, mostly because I have to wait till my paycheck before I can join the gym.&nbsp; I've cut soda out completely, taken up eating mostly salads (little or no dressing as I'm not a realy fan of it) with grilled meat in them, and I'm having my 1st Smirnoff Green Apple Ice in a week (not that I really drink much, but 1 after work on a really bad day is nice sometimes).&nbsp; </p><p>I've gotten so I can walk around the block now (slowly due to knees) and my knees aren't as sore.&nbsp; I don't know if I've lost any weight (no scales.&nbsp; Another purchase for my check) but I generally feel better, even if I'm not getting much sleep.</p><p>But I hate weekends.&nbsp; Part of being able to be on this diet is the ability to eat on a schedule.&nbsp; On the weekend this is impossible.&nbsp; This coupled with my best friend not being on line and pretty much out of communication on the weekends and the fact that I'm generally a shuttle service for the rest of the family for 2 days makes me often dread the weekends.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>But that won't last forever.&nbsp; The Boy will be getting his driver's liscence soon and we do have more than 1 car so I may be able to get away from that chore.&nbsp; I <u>am</u> feeling better and I've found myself in generally a good mood.&nbsp; It helps that I get a bit of attention from the boys on the board, too.&nbsp; Girls like to hear nice things about themselves. </p>

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  1. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    Sounds like you have a plan. Exercise definately lifts the mood, as long as you pace correctly and don't overdo it. I'm supposed to be pacing all my activity, mental as well as physical. I'm pacing the physical ok but I have real difficulty pacing the mental, ie watching TV, using the computer etc. It's probably due to the fact that with the encouragement of my doctor and high doses of meds, I pushed myself to get through university. If you don't pace yourself and overdo things you get worse, then you rest, improve and then overdo things. That was your conditioning drops. That's something I learny only last year on my pain management group. So the key is to do what you can without making yourself worse and stick to that for a while. Then when it gets easier to do that, increase the activity. I just wish I could listen to my own advise.

    We say nice things about you because they're true. I like to read your posts.

    Just think, when you get your new knees, you'l be able to chase the boys again, not that we'll be trying hard to get away. ;-)
  2. john's Avatar
    I've always been big. Now I am starting to train to meet the requirements for the local Police Department. With cutting most of the sugars out of my life I was able to get out from under the obese heading into just fat. Hope you can have success too.

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