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A Small Milestone

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<p>I actually fit into my &quot;skinny jeans&quot; today.&nbsp; Only a bit smaller than the normal ones because I shrank them at one point but they were uncomfortable to wear before and now they aren't.&nbsp; </p><p>I join the gym Saturday after I get paid on a deal thru' work.&nbsp; No down payment and only 29.95 a month for as much work out as I want including limited use of a trainer if I want.&nbsp; We'll see how it goes.&nbsp; </p><p>I'm also going to start posting copies of my son's pictures here this weekend every time I post and update.&nbsp; This was suggested by Drageonsreach and I like the idea.&nbsp; I need to sort thru' them before I start tho'.</p><p>Anyway, just wanted to share my little success.</p>

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  1. wiccanpony's Avatar
    Congratulations Liz, keep up the good work! ...... I saw your son’s drawings, very nice, has he taken any art classes in school?
  2. Dragonsreach's Avatar
    Glad you liked the idea about your son's pictures.
    Even better that you've had a sucess and can fit into Smaller jeans. Jusyt wish I could do the same, personally I think my wife is deliberatly shrinking my clothes.
  3. DaN's Avatar
    "including limited use of a trainer if I want" ... Oh aye... ? ;)

    Dammit Billy!
  4. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    Well done, Liz! It's always good when you achieve the goals you set yourself, such a confidence boost.

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