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Killer Kans WIP - Start

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I recently started work on a squad of Killer Kans to fill out a couple hundred points for my tournament army. About a year ago I assembled/painted three Ork Dreadnoughts but did so in a bit of a rush. Simple black with metallic drybrushing, a standard 5 or maybe a 5.5 here on CMON. Now that my skills are a bit better I want to take some time with these guys and do something special.

Firstly, I want each to be somewhat different. I'm not into modifying these guys much so the paintjob is what's going to set them apart. I'm going to try one in a straight metal paint style. Mattsterben has done a tutorial here( showing his technique for speed painting. I'm particularly interested in the metalllics he's done on the Burnas backpack/tank. That's the look I want for one of them.

The second one is going to be the standard black/drybrush but with more care taken and attention to detail than the dreads I did last year.

The third is going to have a tri-tone paintjob of Dark Red/Khaki/Black. I'll try to post pics as I go as I'm not completely sure how to pull it off, but I won't know until I try.

I'm also using magnets to attach the projectile weapons. I have some twin-linked rokkits laying around so I'm going to make them swappable loadouts. I'm pretty excited at the prospect, army composition wise.

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