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Kans Color Scheme

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I started my "colorful" kan by blocking in the major colors so I could get a feel for how it'll work. I've primed this one white since I'm not metalizing the whole thing. The colors are primer white, Deneb Stone, Mechrite Re and Chaos Black. Yes, I'm working primarily in GW/Citadel colors due to availablity in my area.

I like using the Foundation Paints for basing certain colors. I'm experiementing with the Deneb Stone as a base color for the areas I want in Khaki. I laso love using the Mechrite Red as a base for red since it's a one coat cover. I know I could do two coats of another red but I prefer this. The black will block out anythign black (duh) and metal.

I've also started on his pole/banner. 

The magnets worked rather well too as you can see in the pictures. I'll update when I can/remember.

 Basic colors, started blocking out.

Magentic Rokkits

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