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Isn't life grand?

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<p>Just when you think that you're set in your life, you're comtent with the way things are going and you've made peace with the fact that you can never have it all (frankly, you're sleep walking thru' your days), Life wakes you up and reminds you you're still alive.&nbsp; Sometimes it's in a good way and sometimes in a bad way.</p><p>I have no real story behind that statement, it's just an observation I've made recently in light of personal changes that Life has handed me.&nbsp; One of them is discovering Cmon and all the wonderful, quirky people here.&nbsp; Thanks guys for letting me have a place to be myself and tollerating my BS.&nbsp; You have no idea what rewards I've gleaned from this board that have nothing to do with painting.</p><p>On that note, who out there has been woken up lately?&nbsp; No details if you don't want to give them, just are you awake now too?&nbsp; Is it as good as it is for me?&nbsp; Or is it time to go rest your head again?</p>

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  1. Thunderhawker's Avatar
    I was woken up about 7 or eight months ago. I got divorced a little over 5 years ago then my ex moved to hawaii with her new Navy Husband. She took my son with her. I went to Iraq. My mother died. My life was going downhill at a high rate of speed. I got out of the Army and was unemployed for five months. It kept getting worse. Then I got the job I have now (technically I am self-employed, and I love it) I work with great people. But the wakeup was this: My ex moved back into my neck of the woods, and I got to see my son every week. My son. He and I have a fantastic relationship, and we have the best times when we are together. He woke me up. Things are never better than when he and I are playing video games together or doing anything else for that matter, and I plan to teach him how to paint minis in the next year or two. My wife (the new and improved model) stated once "He is so much you in miniature form". That was my wakeup.

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