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Realisation in film and Directors: On Kubrick

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Don't you love it when you have sudden realisations? I've only seen a few Kubrick films (his most famous, I need to catch some of the lesser known stuff) and I was browsing through some pics from his films in a group on facebook.. and it hit me.

This guy made 2001, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, and Dr. Strangelove. How many other people have such legendary resumes?! Will anyone ever match his brilliance with cinema?

The only names that come to mind are Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Scorcesse, and Guillermo Del Torro.. though I know there are more out there that I'm forgetting..

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  1. matty1001's Avatar
    Every film he made was connected in a way aswell. Although I can't remember specifically, they all have undertones of war - The Vietnam War IIRC.
    And he was anal about specific's. Just watch the dance room (The gold room was the name I think) in The Shining. The attention to detail is amazing. Try watching the scene instead of just Jack Nicholson. (It's hard ;) but worth it)
  2. supervike's Avatar
    I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of his. The last 20 minutes of 2001 is unwatchable, Clockwork Orange is too damn brutal, I just didn't 'get' strangelove....BUT, I do admit he knew how to elicit feeling and emotion out of his work. Very interesting director, I just can't like his stuff, no matter how I try.
  3. Davyboy74's Avatar
    Sorry, im new here. Didnt know how to put my name to that post
  4. AinuLainour's Avatar
    One of the things about Kubrick's films is that they aren't like any other kind of movie. They shock, stun and put you through something that isn't what you're used to at all when you sit down to watch a film.

    2001 is possibly my favourite movie of all time, no doubt about it, but I've still only seen it once. It was just so intense..

    The same goes for A Clockwork Orange. There was so much in that movie that was just sick, but there were also satrical elements (the threesome scene in fast foward) and subtly written (and performed) lines that seperate it from most artistic films that concentrate far too much on seriousness. It's a serious film, but that doesn't mean one can't laugh childishly at the vast amount of genitalia art in the film!

    Then there's Dr Strangelove.. I saw that when I was a little too young so I need to rent it again sometime (now I love Peter Sellers :P).
  5. Sukigod's Avatar
    He also directed Full Metal Jacket and the first movie version on The Shining. I didn't like his version of The Shining, but only when compared to the book (which, yes, was better). If watched on its own, it's fantastic.

    Full Metal Jacket is a very intense film and made a distinct impact on me in my teen years, just about to go into the military. Nothing like watching this and Platoon then shipping off for boot camp!

    Yeah, I agree, it'll be some time before he's matched in his visions.

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