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It's been a wild ride

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<p>This has been a hell of a week!&nbsp; Lots of not so nice this happened;</p><ul><li>I had to bite my tongue for the last two days to avoid posting some not so nice things to someone who would have just tried (badly) to rip me a new one.</li><li>I lost a box of minis I was working on for a commission (I'll find them but people need to leave my paint station alone!)</li><li>My favorite Auntie-in-law has alzheimer's</li><li>I'm having issues sharing my computer with my family because thier's are broken and I'm the one with time constraints</li><li>I couldn't join the gym because we had an emergency outflow of cash</li></ul><p>But there have been a lot of good things that have happened as well</p><ul><li>I bit my tongue and didn't say anything</li><li>I got a brilliant idea for that Rotten Harvest comp at Wyrd</li><li>Tracy's (TABStudio) videos are a resounding success</li><li>My son got into the school he wanted and we got him moved over there</li><li>I'm still in love and it just keeps getting better</li><li>I've lost 10 pounds so far</li><li>I found out that the people here are really good people, even the ones I irritate</li></ul><p>All in all it's been a much better week than a bad one and I have the people around me, including you guys, to thanks for that.</p><p>So.....Thanks!&nbsp;</p>

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  1. AinuLainour's Avatar
    My grandfather has alzheimers. It's really hard because he lived at the other end of the country (now we've moved there) so I just saw him in the state he's in now, but the last time I saw him he still had all of his teeth and was perfect mentally. He really likes jazz and (hopefully blues!) so I'm planning on visiting him with my guitar!

    Good on your for biting your tongue (I think that I may know what this is about!), I'm not good at holding back when I get ticked off.

    Cheers babycakes ;)


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