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Chaos spawn WIP

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Well this model turned out to be then I could handle... Anyway semi-advanced WIP. Comments and thoughts are very much appreciated.

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Painting and Modelling , WIPs


  1. AinuLainour's Avatar
    Wooza!! I really like it so far! Keep us posted!
  2. the Infadel's Avatar
    i like this wip so far. the use of color is working out quite nicely. i would be very interested to know how you go about blending the chaos symbol into the surrounding area, as well as what colors you have used in and around the beak.
    nice work, j
  3. Jezzter's Avatar
    this is a very good example of blending. I like how your naturally combining the colors to have a realistic perspective. I notice that you like this color/shade of aqua blue. I would like to see you do more of the red with a pink in the highlights. The tattoo on the chest is excellent work, did you ink for the highlight to blend it or did you just varnish???

    excellent job overall, the beak is the highlight of the figure IMO... thanks for sharing!!

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