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Andrea Black Paint set

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A little while back, I started trying to (unsuccesfully) paint black. Thread found here:

As Dragonsreach was kind enough to point out, I was following a technique for larger scale minis that did not translate well to 28mm. So based off the recommendations of a few forum members and youtube reviews, I ordered the Andrea Black paint set from The Michigan Toy Soldier Company:

A couple of days ago I received the set and began dickering around with it. First impression is that the "black" is very gray. It is a nice flat(matte), dark color, but still gray. I was hoping it would be more black. That it is so gray may be testament to the fact that I am a shading/highlighting idiot. I think I still need work on correct color placement and getting the transitions more smooth between layers. Well, that's why they make Simple Green. A quick soak and the mini is ready for another go.

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