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Sand Rat

Hmm - been a bit.

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Sorry guys - the last few weeks have been a bit strained.


I'm sitting here sore as hell after spending most of the day installing ramps for a friend.  She was in a car wreck just before Christmas, and has been in either the hospital or rehab since then.  The good news is she comes home tomorrow, and my GF can quit hauling her mother back and forth to the hospital.

 The bad news was that I got to spend most of today trying to figure out how to attach two ramps (one to the front door and one into the living room) without tearing the joint completely up.

So, my knees are sore, my ankle feels like broken glass, and my hand just seized up - but hey at least my karma is realinged.  Hopefully there will be no more little projects, but somehow I feel that wont be the case.


Oh well, we all have hostages to fate. 

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