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Rose Model Art

Golden Demon or bust!

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Well last night was the start of my trip to golden demon 2012.

After a bit of a false start where my base design was wrong for the rules, i have got my design laid out and the plinth and base size defined.

Models laid out (Place holder GK for farseer).

This is a Duel entry, looking to get at most a second stage sticker, not expecting anything like a finalist pin etc, but can dream.

More work on the base will commence on thursday.

Is it only 2 months...eek!

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  1. Kombo's Avatar
    We will be attentive
  2. camelson's Avatar
    on what GD you are going?
  3. Rose Model Art's Avatar
    Thanks folks.

    I am entering the UK GD in september - The long trip from Aberdeen .

    Got more done last night, plasticard onto the foamboard fro strength and to create effect of stonework.

    Base proper will be started at the weekend.
  4. alextheartist's Avatar
    Just my two cents, there is a lot of space for two minis. Imo if you look at lots of the stuff that wins in duel, its stuff that compleatly fills the base with minis. Take a look at Mark Liftons stuff for inspiration. If it was me I would try and fit them on a much smaller base, to draw the viewer into the details
  5. Rose Model Art's Avatar
    A lot of people have said this about moving the models in, however if i do that then the whole image of the lightning (smite) and the sphere wont work. It should hopefully make sense when that part of the scene has been started

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