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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

True Scale Deathwatch

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So I've pretty much finished my first two True Scale Deathwatch models (the one on the left my first and the right one my almost finished second) and I feel confident enough to start to mass produce the remaining 8 troops. My struggles and triumphs along the way will be posted here for everyone to see.

The idea of this blog is to act as a Diary through the process of creating my Deathwatch Army. Each Day I will do my best to post something here and hopefully I can make my deadline. I'm going to Tasmania for a week on the 25th of August so I've decided that I want the army finished by the 24th.

It will consist (for now) of 10 troops, 2 HQ, a Dreadnought and a Contemptor Dreadnought. The last two wont be completely true scale but I will be trying to make them taller and bulkier than the original. I'll also be making a display board for my glass display cabinet that I'll be getting soon, just need to go pick it up.

These will all be using the (wait for it) Grey Knight Codex Rules. I'll be using the Paladins as my main troops and everything will be built accordingly so I will be able to play a game with them when I'm done.

So, with all that aside, here is my first post. I started the Production last night at about 8pm and finished around 11:50pm. My goal was to get all the legs ready to be green stuffed, to finish off the Red Scorpion shoulder for my second Marine, and what will be the original Deathwatch Shoulder for the rest of my army. I'll be making a mold of that so I don't have to convert it for every model. It's a pain in the ass... But I'll show you guys how I do that later.

All in all it was a long few hours and I managed to not cut myself (very proud =D), but I did get it all done and ready to go. I feel like the first night was a success, after footy tonight I plan on getting the lower legs completed on them all, hopefully I wont be up till midnight again...

Basically for the legs I just had to cut all the extra bits off the top of them, and any unwanted bits from the front guards. I used some small wire snips to cut away the bulky parts and a blade to do the smaller stuff. The key is to take your time, the less screw ups you have to fix later the better. I found I had to cut in around the groin area a lot to get the leg join back thanks to some armour plates, you could leave these on if you like, I did with my first one though I like the look without them better. I'm using the grey knight terminator legs for this though you could use normal terminator legs and it would probably be easier.

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I'll talk more about the shoulders when I get around to doing more and get some close ups of my two completed models tonight and post them.

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