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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day Two - Bottom of legs, side 1...

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So didn't manage to get both sides done, though just getting the first side of all the legs took me two hours. I figure I'm best off waiting for it to fully cure before starting another part anyway, knowing my luck I'd put my finger in a finished part and have to fix it up.

The trick to getting it real flush with the shin guard is piling extra green stuff over the edge and cutting it off slowly with your blade. Make sure you hobby tools are lubed up nicely so you get a nice smooth finish. Some people say they use water or Vaseline, though I just use a bit of spit... Works really well for me.

It's a slow process but continuing like this I should have the legs done by Monday night, using Monday to fill in gaps (like the words in the shins) and touch up any parts I'm not too happy with (hopefully there wont be any because I'm awesome).

The legs on the front right I'm not 100% happy with their pose. It's the same as the first marine I made and I found it kinda hard to work with. I also think having more than one marine stepping forward in that way would be overkill so I might be cutting up the feet and re-doing them from scratch. I haven't attempted that before so it could be interesting. Also thinking of putting some knee pads on him, though I'm not too sure about that yet. Let me know what you think.

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As promised here's a close up of my two finished ones.

The first one I made on one of the bases I'll be placing them on.

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And the second. I'm probably the most happy with this guy so far. I managed to get his other shoulder guard attached tonight also.

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Hope you enjoy, see you tomorrow.

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  1. kingnova3000's Avatar
    Looking awesome dude, the Red Scorpion guys is my favourite so far; the helmet and pose makes me all warm inside.
  2. Northern_Fox's Avatar
    Thanks man. He's my favourite too. I got the head on ebay after the model was finished, I saw the red scorpion shoulder and the halberd and knew he had to have a different head. So I went looking and found that. Pretty happy with the outcome.

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