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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day Five - Top of legs Finished

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Managed to get the tops of the legs done today. Though it wasn't as productive as I would of liked. I really struggled to get motivated today, probably due to the heavy drinking the night before, as a consequence I didn't get started until nearly 8pm. After I was finished with the legs I started trying to reposition those wonky looking ones but then quickly decided to just buy a new set on ebay. I found myself a nice set of Space Wolf Terminator legs that should hopefully arrive before the end of the week, not entirely sure how it will turn out as it has a pelt around the front of it but hopefully it should work out fine... I also found six sets of Space Marine heads that I just 'had to have'... I'm so bad with shiny things...

So here is an updated picture of my now 7 sets of legs, tomorrow I'll only have to fill in the engravings in the shin-guards that I don't want and fix any mistakes I find and we can get started on something else.

Name:  Deathwatch true scale legs, day 5.JPG
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One of the heads I found on ebay is a Space Marine Sized Ancient Egyptian Style Head. I got one because I think it looks cool. Not sure if I'll use it or not yet though, for one - I have no idea what chapter it could be from, and two - I'm worried it's a little too far from the space marine path... Let me know what you think. Should I use it? And if so, what chapter could he be from?

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Comments, criticism and questions always welcome.

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  1. kingnova3000's Avatar
    The production line is coming along really well dude. The green stuff work is very smooth. As for the head I say go for it. There is never such a thing as too far from the marine path. Make up your own chapter to use it with, one with a suitable theme.
  2. Northern_Fox's Avatar
    Not a bad idea at all man. I like it. Thanks.

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