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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day Six - Legs Finished

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Finally finished filling the holes and words ect on the legs... I'm pretty worn out tonight though after a fairly large day at work, so I'll have another look at them tomorrow after Football to make sure it's an okay job... Everything looks okay when your tired... But otherwise these are pretty much completely done. If I'm going to do any more to them I'll decide that when the model is nearly done. I'd like to see how the model is posed and how it looks before I decide what chapter it will be. I'll likely put some flames on the shin of the Salamanders Marine ect. I'll just have to see when I get to that stage.

What I've done for these is just fill the little gaps around the words, if you look at the picture closely you can actually see a lot of the text through the green stuff because I've done it so thin on those parts, just cut off any access around the edges as usual. Normally I would say it's best to apply a little extra green stuff because it's easier to remove some than add more, though in this case I'd say it's easier to add little bits at a time and just keep filling in bits you've missed. Alternatively you could do a thin layer of green stuff over the entire shin guard, though I think that would make it hard to leave those details already on the model there. If you were going to do that you'd definitely be best off getting the standard Terminator legs.

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Now FINALLY time to move on to the next part of the Marines.
Check in tomorrow to see what I will tackle next.

Thanks for Reading.
Comments, Questions and Criticism always welcome.

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