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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day Seven - Confusion

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So I sat down tonight after football, looked at my finished legs and looked to all my bits and pieces I had been planning on using for each of them and suddenly felt very confused. I had no idea what I wanted to go where or even where to begin. I though about just starting on the backpacks or chests but then I thought to myself, that if I just start generically converting all these different parts with no focus on what I want it to be I'm going to be getting generic marines and try to make them something else... I didn't want this, each Marine is supposed to have his own personality. So I did some cleaning and organising instead of model work tonight. I feel that in doing so I've saved myself a lot of trouble later on.

So here is my table once I'd cleaned and sorted the parts out for each marine.
Name:  All ready to go.JPG
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I figure now is as good a time as any to talk about my future plans for my Deathwatch Marines, so here they are, the 10 members making up the two troop choices in my Deathwatch Army.

Fist one is my Black Shield. I really wanted to have one of these in my army. The idea of screwing up so badly that your forced to leave your chapter, or even that your chapter had been wiped out to me is great. Black Shield Marines basically have nothing to live for but an eternity of redemption. They're the first into combat and usually fight the most fierce. They are reckless compared to most other marines standards but have a crude way of getting the job done. No matter how messy.

For him I've decided to go with the Halberd option, though opting to leave one had free and have his bolter hanging at his hip. I'll put a lot of the Deathwatch/Inquisitor symbols on his armour including the one on the head (below) I have coming in the mail.

Name:  Black Shield.JPG
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Size:  83.0 KB Name:  Black Shield Head.jpg
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Black Templars are probably my favorite chapter, so I hope I can do this model proud. I'm equipping him with two swords, though he will only have one free, the other will still be in it's scabbard, his hand reaching over to pull it free.

Name:  Black Templar.JPG
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This guy is going to be my custom marine with the head I showed you guys yesterday, the halberd next to him will be converted into a power stave. He'll be one of my two Apothecaries. I'm thinking of decking him out with an Egyptian look, though focusing on eagle glyphs and stuff.

Name:  Custom Marine.JPG
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Size:  88.0 KB Name:  Egyptian Style Head.jpg
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The next is going to be a Dark Angel, he'll be equipped with a power sword and forgeworld heavy bolter. I'll attempt to sculpt his robes flowing around his legs... *Fingers Crossed*

Name:  Dark Angel.JPG
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My Imperial Fist will be my other Heavy Bolter Carrier, he'll also be equipped with a power fist that will be propped under his heavy bolter to help assist with the weight and recoil. I have a Mk IV MAXIMUS Armour Head coming and will be sculpting the chest plate and backpack for the MAXIMUS design. I'm going to try to make this guy slightly chunkier than the others to make him stand out as a heavy weapons expert.

Name:  Imperial Fist.JPG
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Size:  95.2 KB Name:  Imperial Fist Head2.jpg
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My Salamander below will be equipped with a flamer and a single lightening claw. I think this combination is kinda fitting, you have the flamer for the flame heraldry on Salamanders and the claw to symbolise the animal side. I'll be having a lot of fun attempting flames and scales on this guy, can't wait. He'll also have a Mk V Heresy Helmet coming for him.

Name:  Salamander.JPG
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Size:  89.9 KB Name:  Salander Head.jpg
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My final heavy weapons guy will be my Space Wolf with Flamer and Thunder Hammer. I want to convert him to have the hammer resting on one shoulder as he saturates the battlefield before him in cleansing flame. I've got these legs below coming for him in the mail. I'm not sure what head I want to use for him yet. I keep thinking I should do a bare head, but I much prefer helmeted heads on Space Marines... Let me know what you think, should I go with a helmet or no helmet?

Name:  Space Wolf.JPG
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Size:  80.0 KB Name:  Space Wolf Legs.jpg
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I figure that no matter what I had to put an Ultramarine in there. I'm not a fan by any means, but for some reason it just didn't seem right to have no Ultramarine as a part of this army... I might hate myself later, but as it stands right now, he's going to be my second apothecary. Also armed with a Power Stave. He has a head in the mail too, an actual apothecary one! =D

Name:  Ultramarine.JPG
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Size:  40.3 KB Name:  Ultramarine Head.jpg
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And just because they're awesome, here are my other two already completed Marines. =D

Red Scorpions -

Name:  IMG_0385.JPG
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And Blood Angels - I'm going to be attaching a Bolter to this guy at some stage to comply with full WYSIWYG -

Name:  IMG_0386.JPG
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    Sorry about the dark parts in the pictures, I didn't realise till I'd already posted. Damn flash...

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