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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day 8 - Beginning Torso and Arms

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Today I got all the torso's ready to be filled in preparation to be attached to the legs. You need to separate the front and back a little bit to add more width. You don't need to worry about the shoulder to shoulder width because they'll look more in proportion when you get their shoulder pads on. But before you start separating them with a blob of green-stuff you need to cut out that belt buckle and stomach area. You will still want to keep the buckle as you can still use it when you sculpt the belt, but the stomach area will be completely scrapped. Your going to sculpt a new, longer one.

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Make sure you have a belt buckle. Unless you want to sculpt your own...
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I decided to not cut any away from the robed torso as I'm going to be sculpting over it anyway.
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As for the arms, I started cutting away all the parts that makes them look like terminator arms. Take your time with this, the better job you do now the less you need to fix up later. Though most of your mistakes on the upper sections of the arms will likely be hidden by the shoulder pads. But it's still better to be safe than sorry... I only completed 5 arms tonight, will continue to get the rest of them done in between doing other parts and waiting for green-stuff to harden...

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The arms that normally have the storm bolters attached will need some extra attention later on to make the whole again...
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Comments, questions and criticism always welcome.

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