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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day 10 - Torso gaps all done.

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All except for one anyway... The Custom Marine is proving slightly more difficult than the rest, I've had to fill the gap to just below the surface and when that has hardened tomorrow I'll go over it again and finish it off. I'm sculpting the collar up higher on the sides so it looks like a full ring around his head. I found a picture today that has given me inspirations for how I want him to look... Naturally it wont look much like this picture, but I'll likely take parts from it and incorporate it into my model.

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Thinking of making a staff (somehow) similar to his, taking that thing around his chest and his robes and stuff around his waist and sculpting it onto the marine armour. I think it would look pretty awesome, what do you think?

I ordered some more stuff online today... I'm so bad... I can't help myself... I got a few etched brass symbols and a Wraithseer upgrade kit for the spear, thinking of adding it to my Dreadknight conversion if it's the right size instead of just using it's standard weapons. I also got myself two Wraithlord Swords and a Necron Immortals Gauss Blaster... Not sure what I'll use them for yet though... Plus! I forgot to mention yesterday that I have a sweet inquisitor shield coming in for my commander. Can't wait for it all to arrive... Though being in Australia it'll likely take a few weeks...

Anyway, I must have been real tired last night because my work was shit... I spent almost as much time fixing mistakes as I did finishing the second side, so here is one of my torso's with the gaps filled, I didn't worry about filling the top and bottom as you will never see them... I'll still need to do some finishing touches when it's glued to the legs, but one step at a time...

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Comments, questions and criticism always welcome.

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