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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day 11 to 14 - Arms ready

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Sorry I haven't been posting on here guys, I've had a busy busy weekend and haven't really done anything worth mentioning. But tonight I knuckled down for the last few hours and managed to get all the arms ready to go. I clipped away the bulky terminator shoulder join and with my scalpel shaved away the excess to make it neater. Most of the arms I think I should just about be able to put strait onto the torso with minimal greenstuff work. Though I still need to attach that disc to the elbow of the silver left arm that deathwatch marines have and fill the gaps in the arms that are supposed to have storm bolters attached. Also it looks like the ammo chain to one of the heavy bolters is going to be too short with the increased size of the arm so I'll need to sculpt that on when it's all glued together and I can get to it properly. I'm almost ready to start gluing the torso's to the legs though I think I might start work on the backpacks first, I need to make them wider so they don't look too small on their backs with their increased size.

I also got my extra bits in the mail from ebay yesterday (in the picture below), so I've pretty much got everything I need to complete these guys. Tomorrow I don't have football so I should be able to get started earlier and hopefully get more done. =D

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