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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day 15 - Getting Backpacks Finished

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Tonight I've been trying to finish off the backpacks, once again I didn't get as much as I would of liked due to working late, but I've only got one left to go and the heavy bolter backpack is half way finished. Then I just need to tidy them up with greenstuff and add some personality and the backpacks will be done. I've cut the heavy bolter backpack down the centre and made a mould of one of the front sides and filled it with greenstuff so it should be ready for tomorrow after footy training, I'm planing on sitting it in the middle of the two original parts. I also made a mould of a finished deathwatch shoulder pad so I don't have to make them each time, if all goes well I'll just do one a day till they're all done. I've added some pictures below of where I cut and a size comparison of a normal backpack and a truescale one. It doesn't look like much but it makes a massive difference when on the model. I originally wasn't going to make the backpacks any bigger but you really do need to. The originals just look wrong.

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Don't worry too much if there is a gap, all this will be filled with greenstuff later on. I'll be customising a few of these later anyway.
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I made the mould from the top left piece.
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Yeah they look messy, I know, but that's ok, I'll clean them up when they harden. The important parts are on the inside after all.
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This is my original that I made the mould from.
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Thanks for reading.
Comments, questions and criticism always welcome.

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