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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day 23 - Backpacks almost finished

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I only managed to get just over an hour to continue this today, but pretty much all the greenstuff work on the backpacks is done. All that's left on them is any extra details I may want to add, like a skull or a symbol of some sort. I put a thin plate on top of the backpacks because I think it makes them look neater and slightly taller. Check out the picks below.

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This is my attempt at sculpting flames as an icon. For my Salamander Marine. Hopefully it looks ok once it's painted because right now it's kinda on the ugly side...
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I have done most of the front of the heavy bolter backpack now, I will need to go over it again and fix up all the parts that aren't very neat and then finish off the bottom of it, all in all though I think it's starting to look pretty good. =D
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Also I managed to get the bottom of the other leg from my Space Wolf done, I'll work on the top part tomorrow, then I can attach the torso once that's all ready to go.

I'm still not sure what head I should use for my space wolf... Should I go helmeted like the rest of them or give him a suitably rough looking bare head with his helmet attached at his belt? Let me know what you think below.

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I don't have any pictures just yet but I have got some greenstuff in the mould I made for the disk on there silver arms... One will be done by morning tomorrow, then seven more to go after that one... O.o

Anyway, thanks for reading,
Comments, Questions and Criticism always welcome.

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