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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day 24 - Odds and ends

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Hey guys.
Didn't get a great deal of spare time today so I got next to nothing done. All I managed to do was attempt to get a part of the heavy bolter backpack neater, I added two thin wires to the top of my staff I'm making and put thin layers over one side of the Space wolves thunder hammer... I'm contemplating making the head of the hammer larger and solid. I'm thinking of making it like a large chunk of stone has been cut out and reinforced with metal straps around it to keep it together as opposed to the standard thunder hammer design.

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Let me know what way you think I should go with this, should I just keep it as it is or make it like a big square rock has been strapped onto the end of the pole?

Thanks for reading,
Questions, Comments and Criticism always welcome.

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