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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day 25 - Belts, backpacks and more!

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Today was a good day, my daughter and my girlfriend went out all day and I got stuck in! First on my list was the belts for my Marines, followed by finishing off the backpacks (Completely this time), and even managed to figure out what to do with the staff I was building. All in all, I'm rather pleased with myself. =D

Now for some pics!

For the belts I just rolled out some greenstuff into a long thin tube and wrapped it around the waist, then I applied light pressure to it to get it to stick and make it more of a square shape, it's good to do these kinda thick as you'll be applying more greenstuff to the stomach area later. Once you have it into the shape you want simply press the belt buckle into the greenstuff, clean up the excess around it and your done, move onto the next one...

Next to them you'll find their finished backpacks, each made unique in one way or another and I think some are pretty different to most normal marines. Gives them some character.

My Black Templar needs a belt buckle still as I lost his... I'll likely gave to sculpt a new
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Black Shield
Name:  IMG_0548.JPG
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Imperial Fist
Name:  IMG_0549.JPG
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Ultra Marine
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And I'm proud of this one, it'll be my custom marine... =D
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On top of getting all this done I also finished off the legs of the space wolf and got the torso attached. I'm thinking of sculpting a big pelt over his shoulders and backpack so I've just left his backpack plain for now.
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And the staff of my custom Marine - I think it looks ok, but not sure... What's your thoughts?
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And last but not least I've attached the bolter to the first marine I made, I'll add a bolt or something to where the strap connects to the gun but this'll do for now...
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All in all I feel like I've made a good solid jump towards getting this army completed.

Thanks for reading,
Comments, Questions and Criticism always welcome.

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  1. kingnova3000's Avatar
    The custom marine's robes look great dude! Very unique.
  2. Northern_Fox's Avatar
    Thanks man. Had some good advice from a good mate.

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