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Compulsion Swing - Now On to D&D!

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I've been a bit remiss in my modeling updates, heck, I've been remiss in my modeling - period. My compulsive behavior has shifted from WH40K and modeling to D&D recently.

I run a homegrown campaign with my kids and their friends. I have a general outline of the overall story arc but nothing written too far out. This is good since I can build things that  happen to the characters into future events, makes them feel like they're really part of another world and their actions mean something.

This can be bad though since it's mixed with my incredible ability to procrastinate sometimes. I've run the last two sessions (we meet once a week, atlernating between two campaings - I run one, play the other) completely off the cuff, which can be quite scary. I really don't like doing it this way but I was felt particularly uninspired as of late and had a few "loose ends" that I didn't know how to take care of creatively. Well, last week I had a bit of a "breakthrough" and found my mojo again. This last week had been spent scribbling furiously and incessantly flipping through D&D books, all to the chagrin of my wife.

I've written enough to take them through about six to eight sessions and have written some more "down the road" type notes/ideas so I have a better outline of events I want to happen when we get there.

I'll start trying to update these posting as we play so if anyone's interested in following (or borrowing ideas, feel free) the adventures, I'll try to keep it lively. I can't give you what's going to happen next week as they might actually find this blog and read it. Here' where we're at now, I'll do some back story later...

The party has recently sunken a scoundrels ship for a high level mage who doesn't want to get her hands dirty. In the battle our resident mage was turned into a goat (Hah, Lesser Baleful Polymorph spell, modified to not be permanent) and is sleeping it off, though he doesn't know he'll be ok in the morning. One party member was lost - sacrifced himself to make sure the ship went down. The rest of the party sleeps awaiting the new day and a grand new adventure in search of the hidden Tomb of Dor which hides a wonderous Rod of Power. 

Til Next Time! 

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