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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day 27 - Details on the torso's

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Tonight I worked on the stomach details, I think they look pretty good. There are some I'll add a little more detail tomorrow when it's fully cured but all in all the base of what they'll all look like is there. Getting close to finishing them now...

Black Shield
Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Black Shield torso.JPG
Views: 3894
Size:  28.3 KB

Black Templar
Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Black Templar torso.JPG
Views: 3903
Size:  32.6 KB

Custom Marine
Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Custom torso.JPG
Views: 4471
Size:  31.3 KB

Imperial Fist
Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Imperial Fist torso.JPG
Views: 3578
Size:  31.6 KB

Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Salamander torso.JPG
Views: 428
Size:  28.0 KB

Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Ultramarine torso.JPG
Views: 515
Size:  26.4 KB

Space Wolf
Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Space Wolf torso.JPG
Views: 755
Size:  29.1 KB

When working on this part you need to just go slow. Get the greenstuff about the right thickness over the area you want it to be then cut away the excess. When doing the details on the wires ect, I just used my blade. Same as the six pack on my Custom Marine, I used the blade to figure out where I wanted them to be and roughly how deep then used my clay shapers to get them looking the way I wanted them.

I attempted the robes on the Dark Angel Space Marine tonight but it didn't work out to plan, I'll give it another go tomorrow...

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