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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day 28 to 31 - The one month mark...

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Sorry for not posting regularly lately, I've either been busy or finished so late I had to go strait to bed as opposed to write this blog (like last nights 2am bed time...).

I've been doing a few things lately, one of which is I finally got some robes on my Dark Angels Marine! I think they've turned out pretty good though I still need to put a rope around his waist so they aren't quite finished just yet.

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I've also added some detail on my Space wolf and Black Templar torso's. I plan on adding some Space Wolf looking symbols to him yet from these Brass Markings I've got, but I'll talk about them shortly.

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As stupid as it sounds I've started playing with one of my HQ's. I got this model from CMON a while back specifically for this purpose and I think that after a bit of converting it'll turn out great. He'll be my counts as Kaldo Draigo model, so basically the main guy. Which is fitting considering that even kneeling as he is he's still nearly as tall as my true scale marines, so if he was standing he'd be a head taller, if not more.

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Unfortunately there are some parts I'm just not happy with because they haven' really finished it off properly. So I'll be doing that myself...
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His shoulder Pad, something pretty unique I think.
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I got this shield from Scribor miniatures as a part of their SF range. Should work well I think.
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I also got a package in the mail today with some goodies.

Those brass symbols I mentioned earlier -
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Some Wraithlord Swords and a Wraithseer spear that I'll be using on my counts as Dreadknight... Unfortunately it had an accident whilst I was trying to correct a bend in it so I'll need to fix that... haha...
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I'm hoping to be finished with putting these guys together soon as I have some more gear coming in the mail for my second HQ.

PLUS! I ordered some more bases as I'm not 100% happy with the other ones. I think these new ones will work fantastically. I'll show you them when they arrive.

Thanks for reading,
Comments, Questions and Criticism always welcome.

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