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Cars.....I'm with Billy on this one

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<p>Yesterday was an interesting day.&nbsp; The not so good;</p><ul><li>My car broke down.....over heating for no reason</li><li>had to cancel all my appointments because of said car </li><li>had to take the day off because of said car</li><li>will be short of cash (yet again) because of said car</li><li>my best friend is out of town right now so no one to moan at because of said car</li></ul><p>There were, as usual, good things too;</p><ul><li>Said car broke down mear home </li><li>I got my first ever cell phone and am pfficially part of the 21st century</li><li>actually sculpted a hobby horse that looks somewhat like a hobby horse (see my WIP in the wip string under &quot;I'm Going With You)</li><li>actually got some housework done</li><li>got the schedule I wanted at work and a brand new title (no raise) to go with it.</li><li>did some painting and actually did a pretty good job</li></ul><p>So I guess having the car break down wasn't such a bad thing after all.&nbsp; The bad stuff never is as bad as it seems like it is when you're in the middle of it.&nbsp; All you have to do is list everything and you find you usually have at least 1 more good thing than bad.&nbsp; (I can't wait for my friend to get back tho'.&nbsp; There is something to be said for moaning about things sometimes.&nbsp; It's kind of fun)&nbsp; ;-)</p>

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  1. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    ooh, you have one of those new-fangled wireless phones. I point-blank refuse to get one.

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