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Building a True Scale Deathwatch Army

Day 32 to 47 - Getting there...

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Hey everyone, long time no update but I figured with work being as busy as it is right now I'm best off using the time updating this blog on the models. So here is my progress so far...

I've attached most of the shoulders with blue tac so you guys can see what they're going to look like, I've pretty much completely finished the Dark Templar (Who would of thought he'd be the first done right?), I've even completely attached his shoulders, I just need to greenstuff the join of his wrist and finish of the Deathwatch half circle plate on his left elbo. Anyway, here's some pics...

Black Shield
Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Black Shield.JPG
Views: 1753
Size:  30.1 KB

Black Templar
Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Black Templars.JPG
Views: 1040
Size:  27.3 KB

Dark Angel
Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Dark Angels 2.JPG
Views: 1803
Size:  38.9 KBName:  Truescale Deathwatch Dark Angels.JPG
Views: 1237
Size:  33.4 KB

Imperial Fist
Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Imperial Fist.JPG
Views: 1354
Size:  39.9 KB

Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Salamanders.JPG
Views: 2147
Size:  38.3 KB

Space Wolf
Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Space Wolf.JPG
Views: 1451
Size:  31.2 KB

Name:  Truescale Deathwatch Ultramarines.JPG
Views: 1078
Size:  31.3 KB
I'm likely going to change his right arm around a bit as I don't like the way his shoulder pad sits...

I've almost finished with the greenstuff on their shoulders, I'll then make a mould of the deathwatch shoulder pads to make more of them for the ones without. I've got most of the discs on their elbo's made just need to clean them up and finish them. I've started also on the second HQ too though he's still in the really early stages.

Thanks for reading all,
Questions, comments and criticism welcome.

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