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I hate, I hate, I HATE--

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People who are oblivious to the world around them.  This has been a pet peeve of mine for the longest time, and my wife thinks its funny.  But given my background and what the military trained me to do, being aware o what is going on around me is second nature.

So, the thing is people just have no idea what is going on outside of their little personal space bubble.  These are the same people who bump into you in the store because they have no clue you are there.  They are the people who are walking around that same store looking for their three year old because that new release DVD rack is captivating.  These are the same people who allow Islamofacistnuttyboys to take flying lessons, but not landing lessons.

People in this world (in general) are oblivious to what goes on around them.  You know that guy you work with that has had nine car accidents in three years?  Probably fits this category.

This is the reason terrorists are successful.  They know folks just don't pay attention to their surroundings.  This is the reason people vote in those here in the US that are for raising taxes:  they are pro-choice so they are my candidate.  These people have no idea that a president or senator cannot do a damn thing about abortion.  It would take a slew of new Justices on the Supreme Court to do that.  People are oblivious.

They teach you in driver's education to always have a way out.  This should be everywhere, everyday.  I am not saying folks should be paranoid, just aware.  Know where the exits are.  Take a look around you.  See that guy in the other lane on the phone?  He's not paying any attention to where you are.  See those brake lights half a mile ahead?  That is going to be an issue in about thirty seconds.  See that sign that says "Right lane closed"?  Move over now.

Pay attention and go get some common sense.  There is a reason that Preparation H say "Not to be taken orally".  Because someone was dumb enough to do it.

There are times when we all don't pay attention.  We're tired.  We're distracted.  It happens to everyone.  But many... too many... people live their lives that way, and its a shame.

So here is my advice:

Take a nap if you are tired.

Have a snack if you are hungry.

Hang up the damn phone and drive.

Keep an eye on your kid.

Pay attention to the world outside of you little personal space bubble, because someone esle isn't aware of what is happening outside theirs.




The soapbox is now in the closet again, move along, nothing to see here.

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  1. Sukigod's Avatar
    Amen, Brother!

    Must be the military training about being aware - I used to assume it was common sense.
  2. skeeve's Avatar
    Today I was very close to killing my tech.. who in a span of two day managed to waste about $2000 of taxpayers money and about week and a half of my time, which also could be translated into certain amount of taxpayers money and all of this because the date that was ACTUALLY on a tube was... shall we put it mildly... ignored.... God... I think I vented

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