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Happy new year!

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Hi folks,

I have not been on my blog for a while as i have been having a bit of a bad time of it with my Cronh's disease and not had the impetus to paint.

However over xmas i bought myself the GW ultimate paint set, finally GW have released a paint set that tidies away easly and is easy to find paints at a glance. so i plumped for it.

Having every colour at hand is very liberating and i have been playing with diff colours i have not normally used, along with a multitude of washes etc.

The GK army is moving slowly due to previously mentioned issue, however i have Draigo, Coteaz, a Terminator, Contemptor Dread and the stormraven transport, i have almost finished the interceptor squad, so just 5 paladins, 4 terminators and 5 purifiers to have the army finished.

Then its starting work on the space hulk converted DW terminators, unique belial, and DW army.

I have a LOT of Terminators in the loft!

Pics will be up soon.


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