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A tale of four armies.

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So, at the end of 2012, after an 18 year break, I returned to painting minis. I used to get a big kick out of Warhammer and 40k, but never quite had the funds to do it properly. Now, despite GW's prohibitive prices, I'm in a much better position financially, and have more patience to try and do things properly.

In the last few months, my mini collection has pretty much exploded. I found a load of old minis in the shed, and combined with my new purchases, have kicked off four armies. I have 2 40k forces under development, and 2 Wfb. This blog will follow their development and creation as I build and paint them.

The 40k armies I have, are:

The Nomadii Imperialis - a homebrew space marine chapter, with a decent amount of old models. I collected spezz marines the first time round, and have added to my old collection significantly. I have over 3000 points worth waiting to be painted. I'm a fan of the fluff, so have worked up a background, but I won't bore you with that at the minute.

A couple of shots of the test scheme for the army - my old marines were purple, so I stuck with that for the new guys as a nod to my old chapter:

The Sergeant of my test tac squad

my second 40k army is Eldar - Craftworld Melodiac. No pics of them at the minute, but they are more homebrew fluff.
Im not a huge fan of the multicoloured eldar force, so I'm going for a stom trooper feel - white armour plate, but with the relevant aspect colour on the undershirt and helmet. I've just picked up a battleforce so far, as I've heard rumours of new eldar models coming soon. I'll wait and see. Plenty marines to be getting on with.

My two warhammer fantasy armies are a return to a pair of old loves, and a classic grudge match. Back in the day, I picked up the 4th edition box. I have loved high elves and orcs and goblins ever since. I still have my old blocks of monopose spears and archers, but I also have a few other vintage models - tyrion, azhag the slaughterer on a wyvern, the marauder giant and so on. I'll be creating decent sized armies for both, and they are already underway. For elves, I've added the island of blood models to my existing, along with some dragon princes, a noble on sun dragon, and teclis. I was into warhammer when tyrion and teclis first came out, and loved the fluff behind them. That selection, along with a couple of bits and pieces, gives me just short of 3k to choose from, and I haven't even added any elites other than the sword masters from IOB.

the theme I'm going for, which I understand is totally in contradiction to what I said about eldar, is 'The Rainbow Host' with each unit having a different colour of robes etc. tying theme all together will be fire dragon crimson though. An example of what I mean can be seen on the tester model for my lothern sea guard below:

for orcs and goblins, I've added an army box, as well a a unit of savage orcs. This takes me to about 1750 points. I'll also be adding lots more boar boys, wolf riders and savage orcs of varying types. I am a sucker for savage orcs. I also want to add one of those mahoosive spiders. Today's job is to start building the army box.

Anyway, that's enough from me for just now. A lot of painting in the year ahead, but really looking forward to getting stuck in.

Cheers for reading.


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