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Grey Knights progression

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Making progress after finding the painting mojo again after a bout of illness.

Dug out the box of GK that were mocking me, and armed with my W&N #7's i set too.

The completed Stormraven came out well, and was the first to set the colour tone for the force, i prefered a darker colour steel, so i was happy to see that it worked well with the contrasting red n white. The heraldry symbol on the side took a lot of fiddling to mask, but the effect looks good. Skulls and sword were from spare decal stock, gloss varnish under, then transfer, setting solution, gloss over, then matt.

The interceptor squad was almost done but i felt they were too dark, the guns were black and i felt it was too much, so i painted them red instead and it really lifted the whole pallette of the sqaud, so i will roll that out to the army.

Currently working on the purifiers, trying white helmets and going from grey to almost white, pleased with the smoothness so far. I also tried my hand at a freehand skull, proportions aren't quite right but not bad for the size for a first go.

just 9 terminators to go and its finished.

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