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Well after being invited to a 2K tournament in April, i have had to pull the proverbial out and get cracking on the 30+ terminators that need converting and painting.

I have been wanting to make a deathwing army for a good couple of years, grabbing bits n pieces as i saw them and working out how to fit them into my force.

It started mainly as i always wanted to do an interesting Belial conversion, instead of the usual Lysander with arm swap etc.

So by a lucky chance i ordered a Lufgt Huron from FW as a painting project as it was a lovely piece, however the shoulder of one arm was very thin and had broken, so i asked if FW could replace the arm, after a bit of a quiet period i enquired again and got hold of very helpfull guy who apologised for the delay and asked for order #, which i gave, about 3 days later my ENTIRE order arrived again, not just hurons arm, the whole set, and the Severin Loth and bodyguard i had ordered with him!! so FW customer service got a huge positive in my view, as that was very unexpected!

So i now had 2 lightning claw arms, one of which i could cut and scult to have the thumb moved to make it a left hand weapon, as the astral claws talons are very unique and look deadly.

So that sat in a drawer for about 6 months as i got through SW and more recently GK armies.

I also picked up a spare set of space hulk terminators, so i had a bulk of unique guys to make into deathwing with sculpting, conversions and a razor saw!

Then GW decided to throw out some new DA stuff, and i got deathwing knights and a command squad set, with lots of spares i could DA up the models quickly.

So last night i set to with pen and paper, made up a list roughly so i could sort out my models and get the squads created with the right wargear.

As it stands the force will be:

Belial with claws

Command squad with DW banner, missile launcher, halberd of caliban

Deathwing knights with maces\flail

Dreadnaught with twin autocannons

Ven dread with plasma and missile launcher

5 * DW asault cann 2* chain fists

5 * DW assault cann 1 * Chain fist, 1 * Lghtnign claws 1 * TH\SS

5 * DW P.cannon, 2 * TH\SS, 2* Lightning Claws

5 * DW Missile launcher, c.fist

That isnt exact but its a rough working force, comes to about 1990 with some wargear.

So this will be getting finalised over the next few nights before i start to throw Vallejo Primer at it.

Lots of wee conversion bits to be doing, so GS will be unleashed.

The wee man who started it all:

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