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Inquisitorial Henchmen ARMY LIST >:D

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Coteaz - 100pts

Inquisitor (Xenos) - 93pts
power armor - 8pts
Rad grenades - 15pts
Psychotroke grenades - 15pts
Psyker - 30pts


Vindicare assassin - 145pts

Venerable dreadnought - 195 pts
Twin linked autocannon - 10pts
Twin linked autocannon - 5pts
Psybolt ammunition - 5pts

Techmarine - 110pts
conversion beamer - 20pts

Henchmen - 219pts
Warrior Acolyte x9 - 36pts
-storm bolter x6 - 18pts
-plasma gun x3 - 30pts
Jokaero weaponsmith - 35pts
Crusader x2 - 30pts
Chimera - 70pts
-Extra armor - 15pts

Henchmen - 172pts
Servitor x3 - 30pts
-plasma cannon x3 - 30pts
Jokaero weaponsmithx2 - 70pts
Acolyte x6 - 24pts
-storm bolter x6 - 18pts

Henchmen - 165pts
Crusader x4 - 60pts
Deathcult assassin x7 - 105pt

Henchmen - 20pts
Acolyte x 5 - 20pts

Henchmen - 20pts
Acolyte x 5 - 20pts

Terminator Squad - 245pts
Psycannon - 25pts
Force halberd x4 - free
Demon hammer - free

Heavy Support

Land Raider Redeemer - 265pts
Psybolt ammunition - 5pts
Psyflame ammunition - 15pts
Multimelta - 10pts

Total = 1,749pts

So here is my list. I've utilized most of it before and it happens to be pretty effective against just about anything. I tend to create really balanced lists, versatile to just about anything someone can throw at me. I do this by balancing close combat with fire support, taking all different kinds of infantry types (light, medium, heavy, etc.), having at least some armor, and plenty of plasma cannons . Feel free to comment on what it lacks or what you think.

Generally my tactic is bum rushing the landraider full of deathcult while debilitating the opponents range with my superior fire power. I use the Chimer full of acolytes to flank harass with plasma while my terminators trudge it behind the landraider shooting stuff. The small henchmen acolyte squads i use to surround my vindicare assassin and techmarine with sheilds. Finally, the dreadnought i use to pop enemy transports and armor.

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