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bit of this and that

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Havnt written anything here for a while, so decided to do a wee tutorial. Dont know if there is still interest for it, but got questions a while ago about high contrast skin for dark elves/vampires. So here goes nothing:

first stage is a basecoat of equal parts liche purple, black and vallejo old rose.

next, i simply add some more old rose, along with some gw astronomican gray in layers, building up til the result looks like this:
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i then add equal parts elf flesh and astronomican grey, little by little. this step should be around 3 layers:
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a very thin black glaze now goes into the cheeks, cleavege and on the side of the nose. careful here. i also make sure to clean up edges and paint the lips black. this stage is all about cleaning up.
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this is where the fin starts. paint details such as eyebrows, lip colors. i also increased the highlights tons. made a new mix with 3 parts elf flesh, 3 parts astronomican, 1 part skull white and 1 part liche purple. just the absolute peaks of cheekbones, forehead and other prominent features. this mini also lacked eyelids, i had to paint those on, just underneath the eyes, used a washed down mix of liche purple and black for this.
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finally more skull white, touching up eyebrows and doing extreme spot highlights.
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