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Eye tutorial

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How about this, I am going to make a tutorial!

Had a few questions lately about how I make such pretty eyes, so decided to try and put a tut together, might be fun.
Do remember, my camera is crap, and also, I chose a horrible mini for this, as it is absolutely tiny!(around 18mm o.O)

Ihe pics shift colours throughout the tut, thats because the light in my room changed as the sun went down, aswell as a little bit of editing to make the process of painting the eyes as clear and real looking as possible, they are the focus of my intent, not the mini=)

So, let´s start then!

Things you need to know, paints you will need:
Think of contrasts, use the colour wheel, since i painted my farie with a purple tint, i did her eyes yellowish, to make them super pop! A reddish dwarf or tanned girl whould have green eyes, a asian character or redhead could do well with a blue or turqiose eyes. Complementary colours are the word!

It´s really important to paint the skin ahead, both to make sure that you know what colours to use, and to get a feel for how you want the eyes to look.

For the basic eye i use:
Chaos black, red gore, khemri brown, bleached bone, skull white and ardcoat.
For these yellow eyes you will also need:
Snakebite leather, sunburst yellow.

Before the first step i prepared by painting the face and skin, not gonna do a tut on that unless anyone asks

1. Paint the eye black, cleaning this up is rather easy, but avoiding it is great anyone agree that she looks a bit like amy winehouse here?
Name:  wh9004edited-1.jpg
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2. Fill allmost the entire black area with red gore. all eyes have a slight tint of red, veins and such. We want to stay away from too much black outlining, since that will make the eyes look black, like they´re a hole rather than a part of the face. i made her look like she´s crying blood here, but easy mistakes like these can be fixed without problems.
Name:  wh9009edited-1.jpg
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3. Here starts the tricky. we want to get khemri brown in there, but leave some dark and red outlining. this part will start to make the eye look loads bigger.
Name:  wh9011edited-1.jpg
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4-5. Highlight bleached bone and finally skull white. Usually by now I feel like leaving the eye like this, getting anxious about painting the iris:P
Name:  wh9015edited-1.jpg
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6. This is possibly the most important and hardest point of all. we need to outline the iris. however, i have a very nice trick to get this easier, A LOT easier.
I grab a size 0-1 brush with a good quality, prefereably one straight out of the box with a nice point. i then heavily thin out chaos black, around 1 parts paint, 4 parts water. i then put a smal drop where i want the outlines for the iris, and let try for 5-10 sec. then i quickly soak all the paint out, so that only the edges are left. i try to remove as much of the paint as possible, so that it is near white in the centre. Hopefully you will understand this technique from result in the pic. This is nearly failproof and gives a super smooth transition inside the eye.
Name:  wh9019edited.jpg
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7. This is where i usually grab my nerdglasses (the droidlike magnifying headset with a lamp), try it, and then throw it away in anger. Next step is all about creating a spotlight in the eye, a tiny dot of white in that perfect place.
Name:  wh9024edited.jpg
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8. Finally we get to add some colour. I simply wash the iris with a very thinned dark yellow(snakebite leather), so that the spot and the transitions show through. After this i put some spots of pure sunburst yellow on strategically chosen places in the iris, try to create a pattern.
Name:  wh9027edited.jpg
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9. I follow up the spots of sunburst with some spots of thinned skull white, these are tiny, and the headset comes out again.
Name:  wh9030edited.jpg
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10. A pupil is created with thinned out chaos black, around 50/50 with water. this is more grey than black, and obviously is in the centre of the iris. i also put a spot of pure black in the pupil, towards the right edge.
Name:  wh9034edited.jpg
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Size:  94.0 KBName:  wh9035edited.jpg
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11. I now add the final spot of pure white, which crosses over the pupil slightly, this is a reflection of the light source.

You now have a finished eye! Let's hope it´s pretty An eye like this should take around an hour to paint, a pair of them should take around a week...
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  1. MAXXxxx's Avatar
    tanks for the tutorial, but I feel it's waaay too many steps and the results doesn't show good even on the photo (and probably even less live, when you don't have a closeup like that.
  2. dariusZero's Avatar
    Great tutorial, a bit tricky to follow, especially if you don't have an eyesight of an eagle.

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