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Too many minis to paint them all

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<p>Hello all.&nbsp; It's been a slow week news wise.&nbsp; Nothing too bid to report.&nbsp; My son is doing extremely well in his new school, acing every class so far, Mr C is making a bit of extra cash on Ebay, I got handed a big project at work I wasn't expecting.&nbsp; All good things.</p><p>The new project means over time.&nbsp; Overtime can be a good thing.&nbsp; I can use the money for sure.&nbsp; But it also means a lot less time to paint.&nbsp; I have so many things going right now I'm a bit overwhelmed trying to deside what I can do and what I can't.&nbsp; I think I've given up the idea of getting anything done for the Rotten Harvest contest at Wyrd.&nbsp; I have a great idea but it's very involved and has components to it I've never tried that cab eat time even if you know what you're doing.&nbsp; Too bad too.&nbsp; I bought all the parts for the set up.&nbsp; I'll just have to do it &quot;just because&quot; instead.</p><p>I also have my entry of the Ebay group that I have a WIP for here.&nbsp; This one is taking up most of my painting time right now.&nbsp; I'm happy with it so far.&nbsp; Then there's the commission for my boss, 4 mech type figs.&nbsp; Never painted anything like this before.&nbsp; I also have 3-4 other minis in WIP stage and I don't like having WIPs sitting around.&nbsp; I prefer to get one thing done and move on.&nbsp; Oh well, we can't all get what we want.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>So it's been good lately.&nbsp; As long as I can avoid the cold going around work all will be well!</p>

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  1. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    Glad to hear things are going well for you, and your son at his new school. Unfortunately there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything we would like.
  2. usurpator's Avatar
    If you have too many minis, no problem,n I'll help you, what are friends for, just send them to me
    sorry, could not resist.
    But it's true we won't have time to paint all we have and we are all the same: buying more shinny toys all the time.
    My solution is that I've taken a formal vow that I will not die before I've painted all of my minis. That should mean I'll live a thousand years, and if I'm fed up before that I can always spraypaint them and die in peace.
    Glad to know the new school is ok, it's sometimes difficult to change fvriends, teachers, habbit, especially for kids.

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