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Ressurecting my painting..

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Okay, so after that evil 5 year hiatus and now that I have some time off of school I'm finally trying to get things back together so I can paint. But- here's the problem: my parents decided to renovate while I was gone.. and quickly too. And so it became "shove everything into a box and let it rot in the shed, exposed to the elements". Every time I find something, it's pretty much destroyed. I had a VERY nice owl feather I had gotten years ago and now it's trash- it was bent and riddled with dry rot.
But, back to painting materials- I have the exact same problem, but moreso. It feels like someone scooped up all of my work and set it in a trash heap. Things I had glued are broken, limited edition miniatures are bent and scratched, and I can't find everything I need. I keep asking them and they have no clue. "It's around somewhere" is all I get.
I'm trying to add water to my semi- dried out vallejos with mixed results. Some just need a bit of water, while others have a grainy texture that will never smooth out again. Strangely enough, my liqutex acrylics that someone had gotten me for a Christmas gift years before I went into miniature painting are almost brand new when I open them. I believe this is due to packaging design as well as product. All my GW paints with the screw on tops are junk- dried shards of paint lying in plastic pots. My Windsor and newton series 7's are fine, though- I had the notion to clean them with water and pink soap before I put them in a ziploc bag. I had all my epoxy putty in the fridge and same thing happend. It got taken out and the greenstuff has bits of dried crust on the outer edge. I tried kneading it under hot water to no avail. Strangely enough, the blue stuff and the aluminum brown putties seem to work okay and they're even older than the GS.
But it's little things that bug me. I want to know where my files, flocking stuff, cutting mat, dremel tool set, primer, etc, etc, etc, is.

On the plus side, I've found tons of unpainted things for me and now some of them have risen in value- Confrontation, for one. Also is a small miracle- I had started the fianna celtois with pipes from Rackham's VPC [url][/url] (This one) and was about 80% done on it and remembered it the whole time I was doing time. I remembered I had delicately made a butterfly from flocking leaves to put on her finger. I knew that butterfly would be crushed, wherever it was. Looking through my minis, the fianna is shattered (I probably will have to strip it anyways, not remembering the original mixes I had) but the butterfly is intact on the bottom of the box! Resilient little guy. I should be more like him.
And by that, I don't mean more mariposa-like in THAT sense.. :p

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  1. Grumb's Avatar

    First of all, great to see you back sir. There are a few of us old timers still haunting the place. I started to try to paint again last year after a 3 year hiatus (Grad School and life) and found much the same. most of my paints were dead, and I am still trying to replace them. All of m favorite old haunts (LGS's) have gone under or moved away as well. A any rate, good to see you're picking up the brush again. Hope I can as well one of these days.

  2. yrret's Avatar
    Hey look, it's Chrispy!
    I stagger around every now and then, and almost always find another old timer also bumbling about...

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