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Chrispy's Vandella WIP

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[QUOTE=Chrispy;697378]Okie- Dokie-Loki: So even though this was discussed somewhat tentaviely in other threads, I'm starting the Vandella succubus model from Super Dungeon Explore!
For those that came in late, I've established I'm going to use Carrera's color scheme from Viper GTS:

It was either this or Morrigan, and although Van looks more like Mor I think this will make her stand out a bit more. (Plus I can always choose to do this over again on another mini with different paint scheme).

First of all, her head had to be liberated from her body, as I saw right away there'd be no way to get to some areas on her with that hair in the way. I basically pulled until I could cut at her neck, then filled and pinned it. She's also been cut off the base too, evidement.

Since I'm not really going to use her to play, I decided on a bigger display base. I've had a bunch of molds from Hirstarts for a while now ([url][/url]) but just recently I invested in some casting resin. So I pour some on the stonework mold and press the base in. I lucked out because the resin stuck to the textured top, but not the smooth sides so it was easy to deall with the overlap.


Yeah, there were a few bubbles and you can see where it picked up the dust that didn't get cleaned, but it's a good start. I imagined Van atop a fallen adventurer that had succumbed to her charms, so I also got the rough shapes done in milliput.


I have a bad habit of trying to sculpt all at once and not having a good base for other stuff to go on top of, so hopefully this will help. You can see his super ginormous chibi head, small body, and I made shapes that will be a perfume bottle (from her treasure card) and a rolled blob from the extra clay- that's a rough hilt on the far right. I'm using milliput since it has a better capacity to be sanded and smoothed than GS (that, and my GS got old- my brown and white are okay, but the milliput comes in a bigger package).

Am I getting over my head with my current practice in sculpting? Probably. I take things like this in stride, though and just try and do my best. One problem of my professional art training is that I've had normal proportions and anatomy drilled into me so much when I need to do something like this I have to steer in the opposite direction to what needs to be done.

Well, that's the very beginning for now- more and more later![/QUOTE]

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