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Chrispy's Vandella WIP

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[QUOTE=Chrispy;698392]Hey kat! Well, I've been trying to improve on my artwerk.. plus when the FBI took my computer, they also absconded with all my digital art stuff. Government is stupid. more people need to stop using it.

[IMG][/img]nyways- Here's the work so far:
I used GS to make the "skirt" and belt plus some form for the cartoony boots, I sanded the face's general shapes in, used brownstuff for the shield's lip (which was sanded into a better shape), and last but not least is the infamous block. It's touch dry, but any attempt of mine to buff it has the opposite of intended effects. Luckily I'm testing this on the ugly side which will be in the back.

While I'm sculpting, I tried out my color shapers I got for pastels since I've heard people using them. Although they do work wonderfully, I have 2 problems.. I go them size 6 and the soft kind for pastels. I'm going to have to get the grey size 0- BUT!- I've noticed being such a huge honking size in comparison to the stuff I'm working on is actually a good thing. Recently, a lot of artists I've been looking at use tools that are too big for the job at hand. David Shevlino looks like he never uses any brush under size 2.. and we're talking house painter brushes, and Julia Ambrose roughs out her sculpts with large wooden blocks. What I'm getting at here is I think the fact I'm initially using giant sculpting tools makes me more conscious of the forms I need and can rough them out better. Anyhoo- back to the frozen Apoxie tubs![/QUOTE]

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