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Chrispy's Vandella WIP

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[QUOTE=Chrispy;698794]What idiot decided I should to this in oils? Oh.. yeah... Me.
Okay, so:

I mixed up all my oils, and they are drying up (even though I made alot of them- tube paint does not lend itself to small drops). I went ahead and did skin and hair, even though one wrong move will smudge the other, but the turquoise makes a natural complement to her skin, thus creating a good contrast. I'll probably to some acrylic over this once it's all dry. It's frustrating to have my paints in the wet palette drying out, yet the mini's paint isn't drying at the same rate. Instead of my usual hours of painting with 30 mnute breaks, it's 30 min paint- walk away and I have a bad habit of messing with things that are fine and screwing it up. Oh, well- will have to get started on Link and the base while I'm waiting for things to dry.[/QUOTE]

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