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Ork conversions

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I really like the look and feel of the Orks in the 40k universe. When one of my friend finally convinced me to play a game with this much investment, I told him that the only army interesting me was the Orks.

It wasn't long before I started converting models (as much to save money as to create unique models for my army).

Here's a picture of all my looted models so far:

My Looted Sentinel (wich stands as a Deff Dread):

The friend who introduced me to 40k is playing Space Marines (we started with the Assault on Black Reach box-set) and I thought it was funny to loot SM vehicules. The first I did was this Looted Dreadnought (another Deff Dread):

I also wanted a Looted Rhino with a Skorcha to transport my Big Mek and some Burnas:

Boomgunz are so much fun! As I like big games, I'd like to have a lot of them. These are the first two (and there's a Looted Leman Russ on the way):

Comments, ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

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