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A «BIG» project...

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For a full year now, I had this model sitting under my gaming table, waiting to get being cared of. I wanted to finish some other projects before I gave my full attention to this one and you must imagine how I was looking forward to get stuck in. So it is big, it is scary, it is...

That's right! I'm finally building/converting my Stompa! Tag along if you're interested. I'll show you the work-in-progress.

First I cleaned all the parts wich I don't intend to modify and primed them using different colours:

I then started painting some of them using the same rust technique I showed you a couple of posts ago. Here's the pieces I had time to do today:

And here's what it looks like now that I painted the details (I know there's not a lot but I'm keeping it for the parts wich will be more visible than these):

What do you think so far!?

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