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Day Four

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I'm having problems properly formatting this post at this time. Will go back and edit it later. Well today I spent some time to paint the cloak on an Idrian Skirmisher. I'll list the paints and proportions I used for this: Deep Shadow: 1:1 Black, Royal Purple Shadow: 1:2 Black, Royal Purple (This is to help mitigate the dominance of black) Basecoat: Royal Purple Low Highlight: 1:1 Purple, Ultramarine (Possibly part of my problem described later) High Highlight: 1:2 Purple, Ultramarine Just a note: The particular ultramarine I'm using has a touch of purple to it. With roughly one drop of water per bit of paint. (I think this winds up being ~1.5 drops of water per drop of paint due to the viscosity of paint vs water and the dropper bottle I'm using) The shadows turned out nicely, but the highlights need some work, and I think part of it is that I'm using an ultramarine that is too blue for the purple I'm using. Or perhaps the jump from pure purple to 1:1 purple, ultramarine is too far, and I need an intermediary 2:1 purple, ultramarine. I think I also might want a bit more water for the highlights/shadows as well to help ease the transitions.

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