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Infamy miniatures. Toad 1

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Ok. So I thought I would start a blog and put up some of my attempts at painting. My first will be infamy miniatures new sculpt the toad, sculpted by MIKH.

I started by by getting him assembled and primed white.

Next I decided to go with a light wash on the metallic parts of the sculpt to help bring out a lot of the details. I went with a wash of nuln oil. I also did this on the smoke coming out of the smokestack.

I then decided to start at the top with the smoke. I used the nuln oil as the darkest parts of the shadow and then highlighted up using thinned down Vallejo neutral gray. I did a couple layers of neutral gray with progressively more Vallejo white added to brighten up the gray in spots. Finally, I went all the way up to pure white that I thinned and used sparingly to highlight the smoke.
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