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Another windy day

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<p>So it was wild and windy in the desert today.&nbsp; They routed the big rigs through the Antelope Valley to get them off the Grapevine (Antelope Velley=valley I live in that's the ass end of hell.&nbsp; Grapevine=Tejon pass where most of the shipping via truck goes through to get fromanyway to LA and back.&nbsp; Notorious for High winds and bad weather).&nbsp; So a mile from my house there's a pile=up involving several cars and 8 big rigs.&nbsp; It took me an hour to make a 15 minute drive to work.&nbsp; But worst of all is people died.&nbsp;&nbsp;Not a good way to start a shift.</p><p>Then there's the whole SNAFU with the Round Robin we were doing over on Rogue Painter's Forum.&nbsp; The information for who was to ship to who was held by the site admin and none of it was passed to me (the defacto in-charge person) when the site closed.&nbsp; The mini we are doing was a pre-release donation by Darksword and now we have to find everyone involved, reconstruct the list and keep it going.&nbsp; I wouldn't be worried about it if it wa just some&nbsp;random mini I sent out, but Darksword donated it without us asking them to and I feel we owe it to them to finish the mini and auction it per our agreement.&nbsp; Not to mention that Darksword only has MY name on this so it's MY reputation that's on the line.&nbsp; GRRRR!!!!</p><p>But beyond all this life is still good.&nbsp; We&nbsp;need the stress to make us appreciate the good things when they come along.&nbsp; Like my sons smile and the bright sunlight on a cool day.&nbsp;</p>

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