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My Legion (by G_Q)

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Hello fellow Legionnaires and to all the good folksthat are interested in what we do and who we are.
I guess I’ll start with the basics; the name isJason (G_Q on the Legion Boards), Iwas introduced to the Legion program and CoolMiniOrNot(CMoN) in a very roundaboutway.A couple years ago I was what you’dcall a basic gamer…didn’t play miniature games at all and hell didn’t reallyplay board games very often. My friend Ray (Peacemongrel) called me up one day and said he needed help with play-testinga game called Dark Age. Never heard of it; got friends that played Warhammerand 40k, so I knew what miniatures were, but never actually played. He broughtme in for the simple reason that I had never played, so had no preconceivedideas. Well went downhill fast for me there….got invited up to the CMoN warehouse to help with packing andshipping the first Kickstarter they had done Zombicide; while there David Doust told me Ineeded to join the Legion Program and get involved since I clearly enjoyedplaying and talking about the games and products. Well the rest is history….
My first convention and my most memorable conventionfor CMoN was actually a shark pitknown far and wide as DragonCon; alocal convention here in Atlanta.It wasextremely last minute and CMoNitself was unable to send anyone because of it. Peacemongrel and I clocked in a good number of hours in the gamingroom; we did have a couple Legionnaires comeby and help us for a couple hours on one day, but for the most part was just meand him. I lost count of the number of demos and games I ran folks throughafter day 1 hour 10. I lived in the game room for that convention from 9am till2am for 3 days.That was my realinduction into the Legion Program and as I view it a baptism by demo fire.
I’ve since been to TempleCon (Rhode Island) twice, GenCon (Indiana) once, DragonCon(Georgia) twice, MACE (NorthCarolina) twice….and a bunch of smaller conventions all over the south.None have been as intense or as hectic as thefirst one, but all have had their own highlights. GenCon: I got to meet and demo alongside Ted Terranova (creator of Rivet Wars); TempleCon: theLights Out Campaign for Sedition Warswas entertaining and extremely fun. Every single time I’ve done a Zombicidegame at a convention has been extremely memorable; mainly becausegetting a large group of complete strangers to work together can lead to somehilarious results.
Thanks to CMoNand the Legion Program I’ve fallen into the mad trap of gaming and miniatures,but at the same time they help fuel that fire. Getting out and meeting people,going to all the different conventions and shops, getting to play andexperience all the games CMoN offersand share that with new people….it is a passion and kind of a way of life atthis point. I don’t think I can ever go back or would go back even if I could.
May the gaming continue and may the Legion thrive.

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