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The Legion

My Legion (by peacemongrel)

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My Legion.

Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of being at the CMON Expo and getting to do what I enjoy most.
Sharing games with others and trying out some new games.

During the weekend there were ribbons to be earned, based on trying demos or playing full length games.
By the end of the weekend I had all 10 Ribbons.

Also during the weekend I got to introduce a long time gaming friend to the range of games we as Legionnaires support.
Before now his only experience with CMoN offerings had been Zombicide, but by the end of the weekend he had played in a Rivet Wars tournament, participated in the Sedition Wars “Lights Out” event on a wonderful 3-D board complete with built in emergency lighting, bested me at Dogs of War, tried out the new Arcadia Quest, learned to play Kaos Ball, sampled the mysterious Xenoshyft, got a taste of Wrath of Kings and also decided he liked Dark Age.

Why do I mention this?

Because there we were the weekend after and on a Sunday afternoon he brought over his Kaos Ball set while I broke out my teams and Ringers and we played a tense game of Pirates Vs Valkyries.
Sadly my Pirates lost but a fantastic time was had by all.

Next up was him asking me for help in assembling his newly acquired Ice Caste Dragyri for Dark Age. Though he games regularly the CMoN Expo was his first real interaction with Tabletop miniatures.

For the next two hours I helped him learn how to prep, assemble and base coat his figures and then we sat together at the hobby table and painted. All the while sharing ideas and trying a few new things to get the most from our figures and our skills.
By the end of it all he had a good start on getting his Dragyri table ready and plans were made for the next day of painting and gaming.

Why is this My Legion?
Because our efforts to embrace and share our hobby do not end when the demo or event is over. It is something for us to share with fellow hobbyists and newcomers. What better way to do that then to just hang out and enjoy ourselves and maybe even come up with some new ideas or insights for the next demo or event. Also it says right there in the Mission section of the Legion Handbook “ and to represent ALL of the miniature and board gaming industry”

I joined the Legion because I enjoyed the games and the folks I meet. That is something I hope all of us find as part of our mindset when we go out to our local game shop or drive a little extra to help a store that asked even though we may never have met a soul at that location.
Enjoy what you do should always be part of what we are and what we do in the Legion. If we are not enjoying ourselves others will notice.

Ut Legionem!
Peacemongrel on the forums

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  1. EMS-Aldarondo's Avatar
    Love your commitment to the community and your passion for board games!
  2. Neitosan's Avatar
    I think we should show through passion in the games we play. I love to see other enjoy themselves and I think positive attitudes and helping others helps the community grow.

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