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In the 21st century there is only paint mishaps.

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Hi, welcome back! So my first post was a little rambunctious because It was early in the morning and I was running on no sleep. Not to mention I haven't written in years so my grammar and stuff were pretty bad. I hope that will get better, along with my painting skills over the course of this blog!
So, down to the nitty gritty. I primed up my 5 mooks (turns out mommy did hug them, go figure.) very very poorly. I think the thick, tacky coat I put on was a product of 1 or 2 things, namely the Krylon primer can I used has a small white tab in the sprayer. I thought this needed to be removed before painting, turns out it is an adjustable piece to help direct the flow of paint... oops. second, I think my hand was too close to the minis and I don't think I gave them light enough sprays. so they turned into globs of ugly, white, vaguely Dark Angel shaped yuck. I took one guy out of the group ( the one who looked the least icky) and used him as my test mini. No sooner did I decide to sit dwn and paint this guy before another problem reared up; when I squeezed my vallejo paint bottle onto the palette, expecting a drop to come out, it spewed forth a river of paint. So, after spouting off a couple choice words bout the bottle's mother I sat back down and tried to dilute the paint to the consistency I wanted, namely about 3:1 water to paint. I use a dropper bottle to dilute with, I drop from my paint bottle is equal to one drop of water, bu when the paint gushes out and I can't count the drops, I have no idea how much water to put in... so I guessed... wrong. my paint was too thin, but instead of tossing it and starting over (waste not want not) I decided, what'll it hurt if it's a bit thin, I'll just add a few more layers to even it out. It took me 2 hours, just to get the green down. Never. Again. After that I basecoated all of the things that were going to be a different color in their respective colors (Everything red or bronze got a basecoat of VMC 950; Black, all of my cloth, purity seals, scrolls etc. got a base coat of GW base Celestra Grey. and the strap on the bolter got a basecoat of GW layer Skrag Brown.). The entire process of which took less than half an hour.
All in all, the entire process was a bit of a pain. I had to really teach myself to be patient and let the layers pile up and give me a nice, even coat instead of my old method which was to paint on a lot thicker and get an unpleasing, streaky or uneven coat. Truth be told, I never used to dilute my paint at all. Oops. On top of that I ended up having to remove the little dude's head and paint behind his helmet because the pigment wasn't sticking. I think it was too wet and never got a chance to dry due to the depth of the recess I was painting. But I finished so that's all that I care about.
From here I am going to go give Mr. Dude's buddies a simple green bath and re prime them so i can get a smooth even coat. I found that, for me, priming works out a lot better if I do it one at a time. I also found out that the little white tab I took out of the spray nozzle was supposed to be there and that might be why the primer was so thick... oops (again). I had to go search for it outside before I could prime my scouts, which is how I found out about priming one at a time. I also found out that hold directly onto the mini is bad news when you have a latex glove on, it stuck to the minis and almost ruined their primer coat as well.
It's going to be about two days before I can simple green my mooks (and my command squad for that matter). so in the mean time I'm going to work on my scout squad. I think I want to do digital camo on their cloaks and the cloth part of their armor, so I'm going to research how to do that. Depending on the complexity of the technique I might try something else. we'll see when we see and I will post updates when I know for sure, along with all of my progress. (good or bad.)
As always thanks for reading, and post any comments you have. I prefer constructive ones, but I'll suffer the occasional hater.

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  1. adeptkoala's Avatar
    Keep on keeping on brother. I am no ace, super duper, I get paid to paint your minis painter but I would not hesitate to guess that those ace, super duper, I get paid to paint your minis painters had similiar experiences when they began painting minis as well. I live in the southeastern united states, alabama to be exact. The summers here are known for sweltering heat & humidity (current conditions excluded. We are experiencing record lows tonight oddly enough). Anyways, to make a long story short, I learned the hard way that alabama summer + priming miniatures = a bunch of little "mooks" covered in fuss. My point is dont feel like you are alone and every failure is rewarded by new knowledge to build on. Take care.

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