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Zombies - Bringing bodies together By Lycane

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Today I would like to share my experiences with running Zombicide demos and events as a member of the Legion.

Zombies are and have always been a huge influence on human culture. There is a weird dynamic of fear/fascination with these undead walkers. This is one of the reasons why Zombicide has appealed to a large number of gamers throughout the community. Some of the other things that appeal to games about Zombicide are: simple rules, cooperative game play, and iconic characters.

Running Demos for this game as a Legion member is one of the few that I can teach and have a lot of fun, not that demoing other games are not fun it’s just I find myself yelling “Abomination!!” in unison of the demo takers.

One of the great events I helped run was a 3 town zombicide event that hosted 30 players!! It was hectic, fun, and I look forward to the next big event to run. Being such a simple and fun game set up and running these are super easy. The other thing that made running this event so great was the prize support CMoN was able to provide with extra zombie packs, survivor packs, canine companions, and KS exclusives it really made the event special to the players.

With a couple Zombicide event days behind us we plan on more through-out the year…especially in October. I guess the moral of this little anecdote is not all Legion events have to be Demos or tournaments. Hosting an open play event, hobby time – to paint or assemble new models, or an open event are all something that can happen. Please before scheduling such events run the details by our Legion coordinator Derek so he can add the event to the reporting menu, evaluate the points value, and make sure you get credit and support!

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